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Raina Writes: How to create a stand-out interview


Talented people are in demand.

Your employer brand and job ad may have done enough to get someone to apply. But how can you make your interview the one they remember?

How do you get them so excited about the opportunity they can’t wait to tell their loved ones?

Here are some simple ideas based on candidate feedback over the years:

Give them something to believe in

Most companies don’t have bottomless pockets to compete financially. So standing out often means showing them their work has purpose and meaning. You want them to know the work your organisation does is worth being part of.

Communicating your culture

As well as meaning and money, people want to enjoy their work. They want to know they’re in an environment that brings out the best in them. Somewhere they can feel valued and supported. So a clear explanation of what to expect goes a long way.

Putting them at ease

I covered this in the last email, so I’ll keep it brief. A warm welcome. A friendly smile. And a relaxing environment. They all go a long way. An intimidating and uncomfortable experience will stand out for the wrong reasons.

Setting them interesting challenges

Boring won’t cut it. If you’re setting someone a test or challenge, it needs to pique their interest and get their juices flowing. Think creatively. Avoid anything that feels run-of-the-mill. Have fun with it.

Being prepared for their questions

The best people arrive at interviews with questions. Especially if they have options. Clear, honest, useful answers will stand you apart from those who like to keep the focus all on them.

Communicating well before and after the interview

A candidate’s experience starts long before they’re sat across from you and extends beyond it too. All businesses communicate the need-to-know details. But there’s a big opportunity for those that share ‘you might like to know’ information too.

Making a compelling offer

It’d be disingenuous of me to suggest salary and benefits won’t be a big factor in their final decision. Understand what compelling looks like in your industry and location. Then use it to put yourself in a strong position.

Good luck!



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