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Raina Writes: How to implement a DE&I recruitment process


Actions speak louder than words. And when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, that's definitely the case.

Good intentions are a great start. A clear strategy with a well-defined set of actions is vital. But the only way to make a difference is to make it happen.

In hiring, it's often very difficult to quantify what makes our processes diverse, equitable and inclusive. Even if that's our intention and we're hitting a lot of the right notes, it's often not by design.

Ironically, that's sort of how it should be. Or at least that's the future we're working towards... where companies instinctively build diverse, inclusive cultures built on fair and equitable processes.

But right now, we have to force it. We have to design DE&I processes that ensure our approach is consistent every hire. And so we ultimately deliver on the promises we make.

So how is it done?

Clarify & Define

In last week's email, I talked about what DE&I hiring looks like for most companies. i.e. the practical, meaningful and executable ideas that every company – not just big corporations – can use.

It was by no means a complete list. But the first thing any company should do is work out what DE&I hiring means to them. A personalised strategy is far more likely to be committed to than one copied from others.

How you articulate your approach matters too. It should be in a way that everyone in the organisation can understand.

Actionable Ideas

A good strategy identifies things that need to change.

What behaviours need to stop? Which thought-processes and ideas are outdated and unhelpful? Being honest about shortcomings and accepting the need for change is often the biggest hurdle.

The second part of this is identifying new ways you can commit to a DE&I in your hiring. This might include training and education. Or identifying processes that can be written to ensure the right actions happen time after time.

Prioritise Your Actions

Once you have a list of changes, one of the most important things you can do is to prioritise. A long list is daunting and can take a long time to get through. You don't want to invest time and effort and not see enough improvement.

So what goes to the top of the list? The actions that are non-negotiables. The ones that make your hiring process undeniably diverse, equitable and inclusive. The actions that prove you're committed and on the journey.

In short... walk before you run!

Take Ownership

My final point is this. DE&I hiring is an ongoing commitment. Your strategy will need to evolve. New ideas will come to the fore. Others won't pan out the way you expected.

The whole thing needs to be owned by the leadership throughout the execution, not just the strategy phase. Through that commitment and ongoing communication, it will then become something everyone in the company can own and feel part of.



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