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Raina Writes: The benefits of female representation in the hiring process


A few weeks back, we shared our interview with the Women of Colour Global Network.

The spark of inspiration that led to WOCGN's launch was a lack of representation. Or, in the words of its co-founders, “Few people in senior roles looked like us”.

Being a woman of colour, this is a topic close to my heart. As is diversity as a whole. But in light of International Women’s Day, I want to talk to you today about the benefit of female representation in the hiring process.

I've interviewed thousands of women in my career – as well as been on the other side of the table. What I've learned is that, for a candidate, meeting other women during the process is priceless.

You take a lot of comfort from knowing the company you might work for has a diverse team. And you start to feel excited when the women you do see are in leadership positions.

In the tech industry, women account for just 26%. While men hold 77% of senior roles. That these aren’t surprising statistics reinforces the need for change.

While many tech companies have committed to building a more diverse team, inspiring women to apply and join remains a challenge.

Equal opportunities and pay.

Inclusive cultures.


Good parental pay.

These have become the essentials for any organisation committed to diversity.

But seeing (and hearing) is believing.

Female candidates want to see and hear from other women during the interview process. They want to talk to women who've been in their shoes. Most importantly, they want to meet women who've progressed in similar professions into senior positions.

Obviously, there’s a chicken and egg situation. You can’t involve a senior female leader if you haven’t got one.

But for those that do, including them can be a recruitment super-power. A way to stand apart from other companies vying for their signature.

This isn’t about tokenism or playing to your audience. It’s about representation. It’s about helping female candidates envision their future with the business. Or, at the very least, showing women that their future can be whatever they want it to be.



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